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  • tyre-pressure-monitoring-system-IC005-melbourne

    iCheck Tyre Pressure Monitoring System – IC005


    iCheckTPMS 4WD Kit
    The IC005 kit includes five wheel sensors for your 4WD including one for the spare tyre. Specially designed for 4WD enthusiasts it features ‘on and off’ road tyre pressure modes allowing the user to easily switch between the two modes when ‘airing down’. The robust wheel sensors are completely dust proof and can withstand a 30 minute immersion in up to one meter of water.

    • Wireless solar-powered display
    • Monitoring Range: 0~99Psi
    • All-weather design with IP67 waterproof external sensors
  • icheck-tpms-extended-warranty

    iCheck TPMS – Extended Warranty


    All iCheck TPMS products carry an industry leading 2 year warranty from the date of purchase. For further peace of mind, you can buy a 1 year extended warranty that will cover any defect in materials or functionality of the product within the warranty period. Once you select the option for an extended warranty this…

  • iCheck-digital-tyre-pressure-gauge11

    iCheck Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge


    The iCheckTPMS Pro Series Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge with Tread Depth Indicator features a large LCD screen and auto power off function.

    Whether you are ON or OFF road the iCheck Pro Series tyre gauge will give you accurate readings every time.

    The digital tread depth indicator makes it easy for checking your tyres on your 4WD or Caravan for even tread wear and to keep an eye on safe tread depth levels quickly and precisely.