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  • icheck-tpms-Battery

    iCheck TPMS – Batteries


    Your iCheckTPMS wheel sensors come with replaceable internal batteries. Generally, you will get approximately a 2-year lifespan from them. When some or all of the wheel sensor batteries get low you will be notified via the monitor prompting you to change them. Additional spare batteries can be purchased here. Simply unscrew the wheel sensor cap…

  • Automatic-Tyre-Deflator-ichecktpms

    iCheck TPMS – Automatic Tyre Deflators


    The iCheckTPMS Automatic Tyre Deflators allows the user to simply screw them on and walk away. This saves time and your knees from having to arduously kneel down and deflate one tyre at a time.

  • icheck-tpms-Wheel-Sensor5

    iCheck TPMS – Wheels Sensors – Number 5


    Key Features.

    • External DIY sensorS
    • ±1.5Psi High accuracy
    • 9 gram external sensors, no need for wheel rebalancing
    • IP67 protection against dust and water
    • Replaceable sensor battery – CR1632 button cell
    • 2-year sensor battery life
    • Anti-theft lock nuts included to provide extra security