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    iCheckTPMS OBD2 Scan Tool

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    The iCheckTPMS Scan Tool is an invaluable device to have with you whilst travelling this great country of ours.

    Why do I need a Scan Tool?

    Today’s cars are full of technology. When a sensor detects a problem with this technology, your car’s computer pops a code, and the check engine light usually comes on.

    This light means there’s a problem somewhere in the system. But, without reading the codes from the onboard computer, you won’t have any way of knowing where the problems are. You could need a new evaporative canister vent valve, your car could be misfiring, or your car could have one of the hundreds of other issues.

    Imagine whilst doing the big lap this happens, or worse, your car goes into limp mode. With the iCheckTPMS Scan Tool you will be able to determine the problem, clear the code and be on your way again.