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  • icheck-tpms-Signal-Booster

    iCheck TPMS – Signal Booster


    The iCheckTPMS signal booster is perfect for long vehicles such as caravans, RV’s and motor homes or in vehicles with a lot of electronic interference. It is only needed if there is a poor signal due to the distance between the most rear wheels to the monitor. Generally it is not needed unless the distance…

  • icheck-tpms-extended-warranty

    iCheck TPMS – Extended Warranty


    All iCheck TPMS products carry an industry leading 2 year warranty from the date of purchase. For further peace of mind, you can buy a 1 year extended warranty that will cover any defect in materials or functionality of the product within the warranty period. Once you select the option for an extended warranty this…

  • icheck-tpms-Wheel-Sensor7

    iCheck TPMS – Wheels Sensors – Number 7


    Key Features.

    • External DIY sensorS
    • ±1.5Psi High accuracy
    • 9 gram external sensors, no need for wheel rebalancing
    • IP67 protection against dust and water
    • Replaceable sensor battery – CR1632 button cell
    • 2-year sensor battery life
    • Anti-theft lock nuts included to provide extra security