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The Benefits of the iCheckTPMS Pressure Monitoring System

Maintaining optimal tyre pressure enhances the performance of a vehicle in many ways. However, most people use their eye judgement to tell whether their tyres have enough pressure or not. A 40psi and a 20psi tyre visually there is no difference and that’s why running a caravan TPMS is critical.

Increases fuel efficiency: You can lose a lot of fuel if your tyres are under-inflated. According to tyre experts, a tyre that is under-inflated by 9% can raise fuel consumption by up to 5%. With a working TPMS, it will be easy to maintain the correct tyre pressure and attain better fuel economy.

Helps to extend the life of your tyres: The main reason for worn-out tyres is mechanical and thermal overload normally caused by under-inflation. Such overload contributes to ply separation, casing breakdowns, tyre disintegration, and sidewall damage. This means that your tires will wear out before the projected lifespan.

Environmental concerns: Although this is a benefit that is normally overlooked, having a quality TPMS boosts the quality of the air we breathe. This is because under-inflated tyres release higher amounts of carbon monoxide, which is hazardous to human beings and animals.

Enhances safety on the road: The number of accidents caused by under-inflated tyres is overwhelming. If your tyres don’t have the right pressure, your driving patterns at high speeds will be highly affected. Whether you want to use your family car or tow a caravan to take your family on a holiday, ensure that it has a high-quality TPMS installed.

Better car performance: Optimal tyre pressure helps to make the car more stable due to even distribution of weight. It also improves cornering, handling and stopping.

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