iCheckTPMS Automatic Tire Deflators Versus the Rest

At iCheckTPMS over the past year, we have designed and developed what we think is the worlds best automatic tire deflators. We have eliminated the need to calibrate the tire deflator using the tyre that has been deflated to a specified pressure and then set. The problem with these is that if you change terrain and need to adjust them again you must go through the whole procedure of re setting your tire deflators.

The iCheck Automatic Tire Deflators has psi marking on them so the user can easily dial in there desired pressure and just as easily adjust it within seconds when the need arises to run a higher or lower pressure when driving on sand, gravels roads or rocky terrain etc..

Our automatic tire deflators quickly and accurately deflate a common 4wd tire from 40 to 20 psi in just over two minutes. Not only are they fast there also the worlds lightest tire deflator meaning if the need arises you can leave the tire deflators on the valves if driving at low speeds.

If you want the world’s best automatic tire deflator then look no further than iCheckTPMS.

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