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Why do you need automatic tyre deflators? 

When driving off-road, decreasing your tyre pressures will give you more grip on soft surfaces. Reducing your tyre pressures means more of the tyre surface area will be in contact with the ground, making you less likely to sink in sand or mud.

On rocky terrain, a tyre with less pressure will give you more grip and therefor perform better. It’s also less likely to puncture on sharp rocks.

At iCheckTPMS we believe the best automatic tyre deflator is one that will give you great accuracy each and every time you use them.​

Changing your tyre pressures will improve your 4wd’s overall performance through,

-Increased traction and grip
-Reducing wear and tear on your tyres and vehicle
-Makes it easier to navigate obstacles
-Increases the ability to drive on soft surfaces

Lowering your tyre pressures will make your off-road trip more fun and safer and will ensure you have a smooth ride. The best way to achieve this is with an automatic tyre deflator.

Benefits Of Tyre Deflators:

There are many benefits to using a tyre deflator which include,

-Rapid deflation saving you time
-Get an accurate reading
-Save your knees and back from having to crouch down
-Deflate to your desired pressure (PSI)

Next time you want to air down your tyres quickly and easily the iCheck tyre deflators will get it down in no time giving you more time to hit the tracks.

Want the best automatic tyre deflators? Then grab a set today and start enjoying the benefits of what we believe are Australia’s best tyre deflators available.

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