Why do you need TPMS for Caravans?

Owning and towing a caravan can be a stressful at times to say the least. Your home on wheels has probably been a big investment and protecting it and your safety is obviously paramount.

Whether you have a single or dual axle caravan your tyres and their pressures play a huge role in keeping you and others safe on the road.

Investing in a caravan tyre pressure monitoring system is the best thing you can do as not only will it alert you of a potential blowout but it will also give you peace of mind whilst driving. Keep in mind to there’s no difference visually between a tyre with 40psi or 20psi so being able to keep an eye on your pressures and temperatures plays a huge role to keep you, your family and your home away from home safe.

At iCheckTPMS we have a range of tyre related products to help ease the stresses of caravanning around Australia.

With the most versatile and feature rich tyre pressure monitors, digital tyre pressure gauges, tyre repair kits and automatic tyre deflators we have you covered with everything tyres.

Whether it’s for your 4WD or Caravan our product range are must have essentials for making your next trip more enjoyable.

What should the low pressure, high pressures be set to?

We recommend setting your low pressure alarm threshold around 10-15% below your cold tyre pressures and 20-25% for your high pressure threshold. Setting these thresholds will allow enough variation as to not alarm you unnecessarily as your tyres warm up over a period and in hotter climates.

If you have any questions or concerns about your caravan setup or would just like more information on our products feel free to call us anytime for a chat.

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