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What are automatic tyre deflators used for?

Automatic tyre deflators are used for airing down your tyres when the need arises to run lower pressures for additional grip when off roading. Lower pressures give your tyres a larger foot print for extra grip in sand, mud and gravel roads etc.

Not only will they provide better grip they will also soften the ride in your 4wd and Caravan making off roading a more enjoyable experience.

Traditionally people used a stick to air down tyres and then moved to a valve removal style deflator. The problem with these is its slow and only one tyre at a time can be done. There’s also the possibility of losing the valve core as this needs to be removed to let air out. And unless you carry spare valve cores this could leave you in a lot of trouble, especially if you’re off the beaten track with no one else around.

Over the years tyre deflators have been very popular for off roading enthusiasts and have become an essential part of ones 4wd kit.

In recent years automatic tyre deflators were invented allowing the user to ‘dial in’ there preferred psi and they will stop automatically. This is a much easier and quicker way to air down your tyres as you can do four tyres at a time.

These are the best automatic tyre deflators are you don’t have to remove the valve core to air down.

Whether you’re looking for 4×4 tyre deflators for your 4wd or Caravan the iCheckTPMS automatic tyre deflators are fast and reliable. They are available in a 4-pack allowing for quick and accurate deflation for increased traction.

We believe our deflators are Australia’s best automatic tyre deflators due to their small light weight body and super-fast deflation time.

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