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One of the most important parts of 4WDing is ensuring that you have the right tyre pressure for the speed that you are travelling and the terrain that you are on. For example, when driving through soft sand you want your tyres to be in between 12 and 20 PSI, as a pose to the standard 30 – 45 PSI that they should be when you are travelling on road.

One of the biggest hassles with having to let your tyres down though is that it can take a lot of time, and it isn’t exactly the most comfortable thing to do. A larger footprint gives greater traction.

If you are someone who still uses keys or a stick on the ground to push the valve stem in, you are wasting your own time. Of course, this is cheap and relatively easy, but it usually takes around 1 – 2 minutes per tyre to let it down to the desired pressure. On top of this, you have to kneel there the whole time that the tyres are being let down.

If you have four big tyres to let down and you are using a key to do it, you could be kneeling down next to the car for up to 10 minutes. Whilst that might not seem like a lot of time, it’s still time that you could spend fishing on the beach! Also if you are doing this every day because you are travelling the country then it becomes a real hassle. That’s where the iCheckTPMS Automatic Tyre Deflators makes your life easy.

If you don’t take the time to let your tyres down to the right pressure you will not only work the engine much harder but you will most likely damage the tyres and you risk getting a puncture, which is expensive and a pain to work around.

Why do you let your tyres down?

By letting your tyres down, you are increasing the surface area of rubber that is touching the ground. The more you let the tyres down, the wider the footprint gets, and also the longer the footprint gets. What this means is that you have a lot more tyre on the ground, which translates to more traction. If you try to drive through some very soft sand with your tyres pumped up at 40 PSI you will really struggle. However, if you were to let them down to 15 PSI it would be considerably easier.

More traction aids in having less wheel spin, which is always a good thing when four wheel driving. You should be able to go almost anywhere without spinning your wheels, if you have the right line and tyre pressure. Having more traction is also very important from a safety aspect, especially when you are driving on gravel roads.

Just like you should engage 4WD on gravel roads as you have more traction, by letting your tyres down a little bit then you will have much greater control. Gravel is slippery enough without you running tyres that are pumped up rock hard. Of course, the amount that you let the tyres down should be based on the weight of your vehicle and the speed that you are travelling.

Take control today and grab a set of the iCheck Tyre Deflators to save your knees and give you more time to enjoy the things you like doing most, hitting the tracks!

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