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What are the consequences of not running a TPMS on your 4WD and Caravan?

The potential issues of not running a TPMS on your 4WD or Caravan way out ways the initial cost. Not only can a TPMS prevent accidents, but it will also notify you if there is a potential problem with your tyres whether it be pressure or temperature related.

Using a quality TPMS could be a potential life saver and can help protect your rig by notifying you of any problems that may arise whilst on your travels.

The importance of a tyre pressure monitoring system is paramount to maintaining tyre wear and can also help reduce fuel costs by knowing and running the right pressures on your RV.

Most caravan accidents are caused by tyre related issues whether it be over or under inflated. Running to low pressures can make your caravan unsafe to not only you and your family but also other road users.

Most tyre blow outs will have increased temperatures and without a TPMS you will have know idea about what might be about to happen. Not only will a TPMS provide you with accurate pressure readings it will also alert you to critically high temperatures that could cause an accident with horrific consequences.

So before you take off on your next adventure consider a tyre pressure monitor for your car and caravan and put your mind at ease knowing exactly what’s going on with your tyres.

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