Is it worth buying an automatic tire deflators?

Whether your touring, overlanding or into some serious 4wdriving, automatic tire deflators are a must have. Not only will they save you time they will accurately deflate each tyre to the pre-set pressure you have selected.

The 4wd market is a growing industry and the demand for fast and precise deflation devices led us to make the best automatic tyre deflators on the market.

Our tire deflators are super light weighing in at only 9 grams making them suitable to remain on your tyre valves whilst driving albeit at slow speeds. Our deflators are also the fastest on the market and makes airing down super quick and fun.

With a psi range from 10-30 psi they will suit most off roading conditions and are ideal for sand, mud and gravel etc. They are also ideal for using on caravans when the need arises to deflate your tyres whilst driving on corrugated roads which will help with a softer ride and less stress on the caravans suspension.

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