How do iCheck automatic tyre deflators work?

The iCheck tyre deflators have been designed to replicate the precision and accuracy of a micrometer. Unlike other tyre deflators the iCheck deflators have two lines to line up the designated psi pressure taking more of the guess work out of dialling in your preferred psi to air down too.

Once your desired psi has been selected you simply screw the deflator onto the tyre valve and will automatically stop at the pressure chosen. Utilising a stainless steel internal heavy-duty spring our deflators will snap shut once the pressure is reached and block any further air from being released.

The iCheck automatic tyre deflators will work on most tyre valves and are an essential piece of kit for any four wheel drive enthusiast.

Our deflators are the world’s only aluminium automatic tyre deflator of it’s type which allows the user to leave them on the tyre valve whilst driving at low speeds which is ideally suited to beach driving etc.

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