The importance of running correct tyre pressures on caravan

Maintaining the correct tyre pressures on caravan is vitally important. If the pressures are too high, or low, the chance of puncture damage is dramatically increased. The caravan can also become less stable. This will create more opportunity for tyre damage and the potential of your caravan swaying and all the risks associated that come with that.

Utilising a tire pressure monitoring system can assist in the monitoring of your tyres on your vehicle and caravan. The best caravan TPMS is the one that could not only save your tyres but also help on fuel savings.

With too little tyre pressure, the sidewalls will have too much flex which will also add to caravan instability.

There is a simple way, however, to check that the tyre pressures and temperatures are all running at there correct thresholds and that’s by purchasing Australia’s best tire pressure monitor. Most caravans have a compliance plate, which is usually fitted to the front/tunnel boot, on the A-frame, or inside the entry door. Amongst other things, the compliance plate has a recommended cold tyre pressure for that van. You should use that as your starting point for setting the threshold on your caravan TPMS.

Once your 4WD and Caravan tire pressure monitor is setup and ready to use, your next trip will feel alot more comfortable and you’ll feel at ease knowing exactly what your tyres are doing via the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

When looking to buy a Caravan Tyre Pressure Monitoring System in Australia look for one that can do up to 10 wheels so if you have a dual axle caravan it can monitor your 4WD’s tyres, including the spare and your caravans four wheels plus the spare tyre.

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